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GIGa Overview

The Local Government Federal Credit Union's Government Innovation Grant Awards presented by the UNC School of Government and North Carolina Local Government Information Systems Association (NCLGISA).

Congratulations to Catawba County, City of Asheboro, and Gaston County Police Department! Each won an annual GIGa award and received a monetary grant on January 27, 2012 for their submissions.

GIGa Application

Program Description

The Local Government Federal Credit Union's Government Innovation Grant Awards (GIGa) program will provide competitive funding to local government entities based on innovation within the organization. The goal of the program is to spur and reward technology-based innovation across governments in North Carolina by offering incentives to those governments engaged in innovative, repeatable endeavors which help improve citizen services by increasing efficiencies, effectiveness, and possibly creating cost savings. More importantly, the grant program will elevate the importance of technology in the public sector and result in increased managerial and elected official interest in governmental technology investments. An outcome of the GIGa program will be an annual "State of the State of Technology" compendium, featuring all governmental submissions and offering promising practices for local governments to model and implement.

GIGa Process:

Quarterly Award: One Plaque of Achievement per Quarter*

Local governments may submit the attached application form on a rolling basis for quarterly award selection on the first day of March, June, September, and December. Submission dates for each quarterly award will be February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15. A subcommittee composed of members of the North Carolina Local Government Information Systems Association and the staff of the UNC School of Government's Center for Public Technology will evaluate the quarterly submissions to determine a quarterly winner. The quarterly award winners will receive a plaque to recognize the organization for their superlative technology investment and they will be featured on the websites of NCLGISA and UNC School of Government's Center for Public Technology.

Annual Award: One $10,000 Grant to Winner, Two $2500 Grants to Two Entities

The annual award will be selected in early January of the following year. All governments who submitted applications for the four quarterly awards (winners and non-winners) will be eligible for the annual award. The annual award committee will be composed of IT professionals outside of the local government and K-12 communities, including the State CIO for ITS, Associate Dean and CIO for the UNC School of Government, CTO of MCNC, and other individuals to be identified by the NCLGISA Board. One large grant of $10,000 will be given to the organization selected by the committee for its technology innovation based on criteria set forth in the application (see attached). Two additional grants of $2,500 each will be awarded based on special categories defined each year, such as, but not limited to, most innovative use of technology or most significant cost savings.

The announcement of the award winners and a celebration of all local governments who participated in the program will be held at the Quorum Center (location of the Local Government Federal Credit Union) in late January or early February. The event will include keynote speakers, demonstrations of promising practices in public sector technology, and an awards banquet. The event will be open to all governments in North Carolina, with special focus on encouraging the attendance of city and county managers, as well as IT professionals.


All local governments and K-12 entities in North Carolina are eligible to participate in the competitive grant process, regardless of size, presence of IT staff, etc.